Tony Hayward – Libya and Iraq Involvment

Two recent articles (20th September) by Tom Bawden of the UK Independent Newspaper on oil exploration in Libya and northern Iraq involving the newly formed Vallares investment vehicle, headed up by Tony Hayward, Nathaniel Rotchschild, ex-Goldman Sachs CEO Julian Metherill and mining metals and coal financier Tom Daniel are interesting in the context of events in recent years in those countries and as a piece of information to consider when wondering if the wars were partly aimed at preserving “Western” access to massive oil and gas reserves. However, how many people when reading of this feel a sense of disgust and revulsion that the former CEO of BP, having presided over the worst environmental disaster caused by mankind in the history of this planet should find it appropriate to be doing business in those countries. Presumably Mr Hayward has happily got some sort of a life back and he and his “managers” in BP felt that Macondo was just not really their fault at all, which could well be the case as they may have had no real idea of what was being done in their name and their shareholders names by the poor handful of overwhelmed BP employed individuals on the Deepwater Horizon and in offices in Houston for a few days during April 2010. Hopefully the new governments in Libya and Iraq will be able to judge the value of his and others involvement accordingly, coming so soon as it does after the hard fight to succeed in developing these fledgling democracies, at great cost in money and lives. This man’s conscience must be in shutdown, if indeed he ever had one.


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